je tijdens je vakantie niet zonder hoeft?

Wij hebben voor de aankomende zomer wat shoppingroutes voor jullie gemaakt! Zo kun je ook tijdens je welverdiende vakantie je hart ophalen aan de Wooninspiratie.
Vandaag beginnen we in Barcelona, alwaar Catherine woont, zij heeft voor jullie deze route gemaakt, compleet met ontbijt en lunchadresjes!

Let´s visit Barcelona together, shall we? Today it´s a warm, sunny day, a perfect day to go…shopping!! Let me show you some of those special places where interior designers and stylists find their most precious findings and some hidden gems where locals love to stop by for a peek…

It´s early in the morning and we just need…a coffee!! Well, and maybe having a delicious, yummy breakfast in a sophisticated patisserie will be nice too, don´t you think? Established in 1929 Mauri ( Carrer Provença 241) is a very good option, in a very convenient location on the corner of Rambla Catalunya, with beautiful,  neoclassical interiors.

Not to be missed are the “cafeterias” in Petrixol street ( Gothic quartier) the perfect place to have a typical “suís” ( hot chocolate with cream on top...) in an old charm atmosphere.

For the Art lovers:
Art lovers will find Petrixol street specially appealing, as one of the most iconic art galleries of the city, Sala Parés, (which dates back to…1877!!) is also located here.  But if you are looking for affordable paintings, Carré d´Artistes is a great way to discover new national and international artists at great prices…

For the Vintage and Handmade lovers:
A street filled with vintage shops in one of the most colorful and enchanting quartiers in the city? Sounds pretty good to me… Shops in Seneca street ( Gracia quartier) offer a tasteful selection of furniture and objects, mainly from the 50´s and 60´s… Also, don´t forget to visit the variety of little shops dedicated to sell handmade pieces from local artisans waiting to be discovered in the little streets of this crafty neighborhood…

 Just a few minutes walk, in Passeig de Sant Joan 142, there is Otranto, the perfect shop to find reclaimed and salvaged pieces, including modernist encaustic tiles!!

For the Design Lovers:
Here are some of the destinations for all lovers of good design and decoration…

Nobodinoz: chic and cool items to decorate (modern) children´s rooms…

Arts&Claus:  to find out the latest trends in paints and colors.
L´appartament: very interesting selection of home accessories with a design touch.

Objeto de deseo: a non conventional shop that doubles up as an art gallery too, with a very artistic way to display their objects…

And last but not least,

 I totally recommend you one of my favorite places to have lunch “in a hurry”, located just behind Plaça Catalunya, there is a vegetarian self service with mouthwatering and healthy homemade dishes… On first glance you will be surprised by its 70´s decoration, but believe me, Self Naturista  on Santa Anna street is a great way to avoid the precooked paella!! ;)

 Mauri: http://www.pasteleriasmauri.com

Sala Parés: http://www.salapares.com

Carrer d´Artistes: http://es.carredartises.com

Otranto: http://www.otranto.es

Nobodinoz: http://www.nobodinoz.com

Arts&Claus: http://www.arts-claus.com

L´appartement: http://www.lappartement.es

Objeto de deseo: http://www.objetodedeseo.es

Self Naturista: http://www.selfnaturista.com




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